WDTV Live +

Western Digital WD TV Live Plus 1080p HD Media Player

While we were trying to decide if we really liked the Boxee Box enough to add another we looked a a player that  was priced at half that of the Boxee Box and looked less complicated for our bedroom TV. After buying the WD TV and a wireless dongle (it only supported Ethernet out of the box) it was an easy setup however I quickly found that it was not quite as simple to use as I had hoped. The design of this product was to play from either online content or a connected hard drive where you browse the file system so where the Boxee would look at my local content and arrange it all neatly the WD TV basically let me browse the network and find the share then select the file I wanted to play. All in all it worked quite nicely and has many cool features, some of which the Boxee did not have like Hulu Plus and it now lives a quite life in our movie/game room serving content to a detached structure.


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