Streaming Boxes

So how do you get TV without paying an arm and a leg? Well the quickest and easiest way is to get a set top box. Many TV manufactures offer TVs with built in internet content but I choose to separate the two because it is more cost effective to change out a set top box than the entire TV when and if there is a big change is technology or content providers.


What is a Streaming or Set Top Box?

Think of it like your old cable or sat box, it simply plugs into your existing TV and allows you to access content either locally or on the Internet.


What can I watch?

Almost anything! You can use subscription services like Netflix , Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus to give access to a mountain of on demand content whenever you want or there are also services where you can rent or buy selections just like heading to the local movie store without the trip. Vudu is a great example of this and depending on your Internet speeds you can stream high quality 1080p content at the click of a button.


How much is it going to cost me?

Well as with everything in life it depends. You can easily get started for under $100 in setup and use free content or you can add on more content to your hearts desire. So the short answer is as much or little as you want but the beauty is that you control the cost and are not locked into a contract by your provider.


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